Lawn Tennis is one of the oldest games originated in France in the 12th century. British originally formed the modern Tennis which is named as real tennis because it is a complex game of ball and racket and All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club held its first championships at Wimbledon, in 1877. The first Championships culminated in a significant debate on how to standardize the rules, as it was spread over England it also played by the British Army, which fascinated a young socialite of the USA watching British Army officers playing Tennis in 1874 when she returned to the US she set out a Tennis court and introduced Lawn Tennis to the US.


In 1880 the first American National championship was played there in September 1880 as it became popular in the USA, but because of not standardized rules and equipment in each club the game has a difference in each championship, to fix this in 1881, the oldest national tennis organization was formed the first time in the world, Named United States National Lawn Tennis Association to standardize the rules and organize competitions, form the US it spread all over the world with proper equipment and rule of play.

Today Tennis is popular all over the world with millions of players and spectators, Tennis took place in the Olympic sports and played at all levels of society in every age group. India also showed some phenomenal players like Sania Mirza and Leander Paes who became the world's number one tennis player and represented India in many big Tennis tournaments which made India proud all the time. Tennis has historically been known as the sport for a lifetime. And it is also proved right according to some scientific study from different angles of sportsmanship. Everyone should play tennis once in their life as it is the best sport that anyone can play.

Now we are going to discuss some benefits of tennis

Workout of the full-body : Unlike other sports, while playing tennis entire body movements are needed so it is an excellent workout for the whole body. Your lower body is used for running, stopping, jumping and crouching and also the upper body is used to hit the tennis ball with full force, whether it’s double or single-handed, your upper half also needs to work the same as your lower half. So basically, Tennis requires the entire body movement.

Helps in improving blood circulation : Oxygen intake of your body increases while playing tennis, it also increases your heart rate and helps in delivering oxygen to your blood and nutrients to all your body. It also helps in the development of numbers of capillaries within the muscles so that while playing your muscles and your body can have a good blood supply and a great flow. This helps your body to perform at a good level and fatigue at a low rate. It also helps your body to maintain anaerobic health, which allows the muscles of your body to use the oxygen in a better way and provide you quick energy or power pack and quick movements. It also helps in your fast reflexes.

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