Cricket - the leading sports which rule over the heart of every Indian

Despite hockey being the national sports of India, cricket is one of the leading sports which rule over the heart of every Indian. Cricket is not just an entertaining sport; it includes various efforts of an individual to play cricket. Playing Cricket not just train our physical fitness it also trains our mind and it is a game that welcomes every age of people to play, from batsman to baller and fielder to wicket-keeper every player builds great coordination with each other. Cricket is a sport which connects people not just players who are playing also their audience who are watching.


Since cricket is enjoyed by people all over the world, some leading tycoons have started investing in this game and it is an opportunity for every sports enthusiast to become a cricketer. But there is difficulty in getting proper and core knowledge about cricket by own self. Here YOUNG INDIA SPORTS ACADEMY (YISA) comes, the best sports academy serving thousands of young people with its best and advance teaching technique to enhance your performance and ability. YISA has best-certified coaches with an enormous year of experience in the field of cricket here you will learn about every aspect of the cricket.

YISA not just helps you with enhancing your performance, it also helps you to achieve your goal and encourage you always to do more then what you want. Here coaches focus on each and every student to understand their delicacy and help them to train those weak points. The main aim of YISA is to change the lifestyle of the younger generation which is diving into the world of technology without being concerned of their health and fitness, with their customize and serious schedule they allow people to enjoy both parts of the life where an individual can take care of their responsibilities with showing love to their desired sports.

Here at YISA, we provide you with different sports and fitness program which includes Cricket, Tennis, Basket Ball, Foot Ball and Fitness Classes it all become more special with the team of their well experienced coaches who understand all your difficulty and drawbacks they are always ready to support you, so be worry free and Lets the game begin..!! Now it’s time to start your game and give a change to your diligent Lifestyle with the best cricket academy and the best opportunity provided by YISA.