How To Start Quad Skating?

Quad Skating may be challenging for beginners, first sessions are least compatible for quad skates learners so we recommend you to start your practice on a smooth floor either in the gymnasium or on pedestrian paths. The uneven ground may put you in an unbalanced situation and can cause you multiple injuries. For maximum safety, always protect yourself with protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Due to the pandemic, there has been a huge increase in quad skating for beginners, it has been found indoor-sheltered skate practice areas onto car courts, park paths, and other outdoor surfaces smooth enough for quad skating.


Four basic positions for every beginner quad skater should know
It's best to learn each position on grass so you may perform correctly, initially at a slow pace and then faster. If you experience yourself getting worse form and at the same time your speed increases, this is completely normal and this indicates you need to slow down until you master the skating form.

The ‘T’ position
This position is known as the Safe-T position and will prevent you from falling while standing still. For standing still, try to place your leg muscles with skates together so they don’t roll apart.

The ‘V’ position
This is your basic skating movement position where your skates slightly make a V shape position with your heels together and your toes slightly turned out. V positioning indicates that you want to move.

The ‘Ready’ position
‘Ready’ position has both feet parallel and one hand’s width apart, with knees bent until you feel your weight on the balls of your feet and this is the most important position for beginners to become familiar with cruising and resting positions.

The ‘Scissor’ position
In the Scissor position, you need to fetch more weight onto one skate by bending lower on your knees. Now try to roll out your lighter skate forwards at a particular length until the back wheels of the front skate. Without learning the Scissor position, you’ll be unable to use a heel stopper, execute a parallel turn, or pass over a rough surface.

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