Basketball is a very popular game all over the world, It is a team sport, loved by millions of people Basketball is ruling big part of the sports industry, Basketball is old as other game and its history is interesting too, in 1891 a Canadian physical education teacher at (YMCA) was trying to keep his gym class active on a rainy day or any other bad circumstances so he arranged many indoor games to keep his students occupied, but rejection of other ideas by his student, he pinched a basket 10' foot above the ground and removed its bottom so that ball will poke out with long dowel each time, which is contrasted with modern basketball nets and set some rules and engaged his students lately which became more popular in the United States.


Being so much popular that time basketball still needs big fund to grow after some major loss, the National Basketball Association (NBA) took its major professional basketball league in United States, NBA increasingly popular through the 1980s and broke all the record in that decade and simulated its growth pattern at least by the increased coverage of national television. Despite basketball being a winter game NBA holds its arena and attracted a massive audience on National Television in summer and late spring also and this popularity gave a big kick to the funding of billion dollars to Basketball association.

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great at whatever they want to do. This is what our Legend Kobe Bryant said, and YOUNG INDIA SPORTS ACADEMY follows it, we believe in inspiring our younger generation,

YISA is helping thousands of students and young people to enhance their playing skills and educating them with the deep knowledge about particular sports, YISA is promoting Basketball in their Academy which is remarkable because still in India cricket is the sport which overshadows other sports because of that many people have to leave their interest of sports and they don't find any hope but, YISA will help to fulfil your dreams they promote every game equally and provide you with the best quality training, which improves your tactics.

YISA understands your dream and provides you with the certified and experienced coaches, they will train you with every aspect of the sports also teach you the core knowledge of basketball including all modern rules and help you to attain the competitive mind said so that you can make you career in choice of your sports.

YISA is the leading basketball academy in Gurgaon which provides both fitness and sports to people of every age group. YISA also offers other sports including badminton, cricket, tennis and many more. Every individual can choose sports according to their keen interest and YISA also offers Fitness Programs for everyone like meditation, yoga etc. The main objective of YISA is to build a healthy and fit INDIA.