Sports and Fitness – How Important it is for School kids

Gone those days when parents only focus on the studies of their child and thought of Sports only as a hobby for his or her kids. Now parents understood the worth of overall development of their children and focus equally on sports and academics. “Balance” is that the key word. Both sports and academics plays crucial role within the growth and development of a child and specially a school going child. Calm mind with a fit body gives the simplest platform to explore your full potential throughout the life. One’s goal should be to ascertain themselves growing each and each moment of their day to succeed in the zenith of their potential which might be possible with the expansion of body, mind and soul. to realize this goal, we'd like regular exercise of body; right food for body and mind through diet, yoga and meditation. Sports plays very vital role in proper growth of our human body which also leads to healthy mind.


Here are some key points highlighting the importance of sports in the life of school kids:
• Helps in developing healthy bones and muscles
• Increases fitness
• Improves sleep
• Boosts self confidence

Nowadays our youngsters show more interest in the electronic gadgets like mobiles, laptops, television and every other option available in the market these days. it's vital to shift their focus from such a lot of involvement in technology towards outdoor sports and fitness. As giving an excessive amount of time to electronic gadgets only will cause many health issues like obesity, eye sight issues, heart problems than ever. So, it's vital that we redirect our youngster’s attention towards sports and fitness rather than making them sit at the same place and spend their precious time only with electronic gadgets. It gives immense benefits to us as a living being if we inbuilt sports, yoga and meditation in our daily routine life.

Fortunately, there are many sports which can be played counting on the area of interest of the child. Parents must focus on the particular sport in which the child has interest. a number of these include-

Lawn Tennis

Here at Young India Sports Academy (YISA), we attempt to lookout of all aspects of fitness and aims for overall growth and development of the child through various sports activities. Our major focus is to start out any sports with focused mind, master the sports with right coaching and regular practice and enhance yourself each passing day.