Can India accept Football more than Cricket?

We all are skeptical about seeing if India can ever learn to play and love football which is the most loved outdoor game in the world. The hierarchical mentality of Indian society for the fame of Cricket had to be a part off. And upbringing their children from the nascent stage of love for a football game by indulging themselves in love for football and giving least leverage to cricket. Moreover, Government agencies and sports ministry had to promote football on the school and local level through setting up more football academies and incentivizing more winning awards and monetary benefits, and government jobs for the qualified players.


At YISA, we look to promote the love for the game. We are one of the best football-centric professional training academies in Gurgaon, focusing on both the state-level as well as the national-level game, and we look at players, clubs, and countries. We cover all those individuals and groups which have organized games for underprivileged children and the establishment of a full-fledged league for serious players. We will look at the journey of a player – when he first learns about football, to how he starts playing the game at a growing level, right up to the point when he represents his state or country. Fifa president, Sepp Blatter once pronounced that India is a sleeping giant of football. With its second-largest world population, many developed nations feel that India is under-represented in the world's most popular sport.

Indian youngsters think Football is a trash game no one feels interested in playing due to the over-popularity for cricket in India. Even our youngsters are not much aware of the football playing rules, international players, famous clubs such as Barcelona, Liverpool or Manchester.

There are tremendous challenges for the youngsters to play football due to the scarcity of space and unavailability of a playing environment. The modern face of India is now becoming much more optimistic towards football and its growing popularity among Indian youngsters.

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