Indoor Bowling Session

Indoor cricket nowadays has started making new space for practicing and for acquiring highly technical sporting skills with professional career boosting. YISA indoor hall will be a great boon to the young bowlers, especially during the rainy seasons as it will not hinder your bowling practice and will encourage your pacing consistency. Although it's not at all easy to say what you are doing wrong while bowling in indoor cricket, at YISA's you can improve your bowling accuracy and arm-throw under the supervision of highly professional bowling coaches who are equally dedicated to improving one's bowling skills through instructing world-class bowling techniques and develop you according to the competitive sports. The cricket academy also has an automatic bowling machine and a speed range of 45 MPH to 99 MPH with an auto feeder of 24 balls at a time with adjustable speed. However, there are marked differences while bowling with leather balls and tennis balls as different bowling techniques are involved.


Those who are beginners try to start your bowling knock with the tennis ball where you can learn to control your pace around cease line and hence increasing the chances of getting wickets and batsman gets less time to adjust for a particular shot when the bowl is tossed with full speed and other adjustments can be adopted while bowling with a tennis ball is with the length, try to pitch the ball on the short of length spot it will eventually prevent the batsman from freely swinging his arms. Apart from these, other varieties are quicker/slower deliveries, off/leg cutters, etc. And also keeps batsmen guessing as to what will come next and increases a chance of a dismissal. Mostly the balls which are used in indoor cricket are lighter than the actual leather balls used in outdoor cricket. In course of time rigorous practice and knowledge of the places where you can pitch the ball at the right spot. This generally comes with the experiences when you will play and learn as you go along with each practice session and thereby fine-tuning your bowling strengths to indoor cricket bowling.

YISA remains dedicated to achieving excellence in sports and nurturing national prestige and morale among youngsters and professional players.

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