Boost Your Skating Speed And Efficiency

Every skater, whether a beginner or intermediate-level, looks for perfection with sprinting speed, efficiency and looks to develop themselves as a powerful skating strider. To improve your skating techniques with more power and efficiency to get high-end speed. There are a few drills you should do when off your skates to translate to good technique and body positioning back on the wheels. Let's highlight some essential drills:


Skater Body Position
Body alignment plays a major role in boosting skating speed. Most of the time skaters ignore their body positions while skating and their bodyweight directly relies directly upon their supporting leg keeping the one on the ground, and not move laterally or sideways with other legs. The common problem that arises with the skaters who try to gain speed is just by simply pushing further, without paying attention to their support skate and body positioning. Skating speed will only increase when the push is made with the leg only and not through lateral movement.

The problem with over pushing
Over pushing is a very common mistake with intermediate and advanced inline skaters and this inappropriate technique would lead to slow and gradual injuries if over pushing and pronation becomes habits among the skaters. More speed and efficiency will not be created by a long push, it is just an illusion that “longer = faster”.Overall the body weight needs to be equally distributed over the supporting leg.

How to get a powerful skating stride
Ways to add more power to your skating stride for better speed and efficiency.

1. Minimizing the over-pushing problem which causes pronation.
2. Practising how the body follows the pushing leg to move laterally off the support skate.
3. The series of problems that come from these incorrect movements that all reduce efficiency should be in focus while performing high-grade training.

The Stride Training Sequence
Those who are intermediate-level inline skaters wanting to improve their stride efficiency, speed, fitness, and lower body strength, try the Stride Training Sequence training drill. This will systematically improve each part of your skating stride: the push, the glide, and the re-group.

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