Impact of Indian Super League on Football Popularity

In India, professional football has a 150-year history. Isn't it surprising? Football has gone a long way, from when Mohun Bagan Athletic club became the first-ever Indian team to win the IFA(Indian Football Association) shield in 1911. In 1950, the Indian football team had qualified for the Brazil World Cup and also became the first team to win the Nehru Cup in 2007. However, in the past few decades, this sport achieved success both on and off the field. This achievement is primarily due to the beginning of the Indian Super League(ISL) in India in 2014. It is considered to be crucial in the development of sporting infrastructure through the infusion of corporate investment. Moreover, ISL paves the way for international talent and coaches and the reach of millions of people through a widespread broadcast network. ISL also provides a platform for young and promising footballers to enhance and showcase their skills. However, it is believed that ISL has also led to improving the rank of the Indian football team in FIFA. The Indian football team was ranked 173 in 2015, which reached straight to 96 in 2017. Since the ISL began, the Indian national team has risen from around 170th to 100th in the FIFA rankings. Even the number of ISL reaching audience engagement both in the field and digitally has been increased. The excitement of ISL does not fade because this game is conducted on our mother soil.


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