Facts about Football

The game of football emerged in China around 476 BC. China is considered to be the father of the football game. Today, football has become the most popular of the games played in every corner of the world. All the countries of the world know, understand and play the game of football well.


1. Football was invented in China and Chinese people knew this game as 'Kuzu'.
2. The passion for the football game can be gauged from the fact that often due to the enthusiasm in the Football Stadium when the crowd is unable to control it, there is a stampede.
3. The world's first football club was the English Sheffield Football Club.
4. In football tournaments, till 1913, there was no rule for the goalkeeper of a team to wear different colored shirts.
5. The last Football World Cup was the most popular World Cup watched on television. This World Cup was watched on television by almost 1 billion people.
6. According to the evidence of the video, in December 1998 Ricardo Oliver (Uruguay) set the world record by scoring the fastest goal in 2.8 seconds.
7. You will be surprised to know in a football match, a single player scored a maximum of 16 goals. This feat was done by Stepan Stennis (France) in December 1942 while playing for Racing Club de Lens.
8. You will be surprised to know that there were only 300 people sitting in the stadium to watch the final match of the first Football World Cup.
9. Each player runs an average of 9.65 km during a football match.
10. You will be surprised to know that the first match played in basketball was played with a football.
11. The 'European team' has managed to make it to every World Cup final except the finals of 1930 and 1950.
12. Luigi Riva was a strong footballer who broke the hand of an observer with his powerful shot.
13. The great footballer Pele had awarded the football game as 'Beautiful Game' for the first time.
14. Football is known as soccer in America and Canada while it is called football all over the world.
15. In 1964, during a football match in Peru, 300 people lost their lives in football riots due to a wrong decision by a referee.

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