Reason to encourage your child to play cricket

Cricket is the oldest and top most popular sport all over the world. Cricket game is played between two teams, generally, of 11 members each, including batting, bowling and fielding, and a game can run from several hours to several days. The accomplishment of the cricket sport is to score more runs than the other team. It is wildly popular in India, England, and Australia, where it is seen as a national sport. Cricket is a great team game that is the most popular in the rest of the world especially Indians most loved the cricket game.


Both boys and girls of all ages group can play cricket both socially and competitively. While competitive cricket is mostly played on a pitch and in the stadium, cricket just for fun can be played in school playgrounds, parks, and streets or on the beach, etc.

Cricket is a sport for everyone, regardless of age, sex, race, religion or bank balance, and that's part of what makes it so popular. Kids especially can enjoy many wonderful benefits of cricket. Cricket is a better way to grow a child's mind, body, and spirit, helping to lay the foundation for successful results at a young age.

Here are three types of benefits associated with cricket:
1. Health benefit : It is a well-known fact that outdoor games attach many health benefits, and the game of cricket is not an exception. Bowling, batting and catching the ball require more muscle strength and this activity helps the flexibility of the body. These are such activities that require hard body muscle strength to work. In the game of playing cricket, it is very important to maintain the stamina for more hours. Children learn the importance of having good physical health through the match of cricket.

2. Mental benefit : Cricket is an excellent mental exercise. Any cricketer who makes a serious effort to learn sports skills cannot help but develop a greater sense of observation and a greater understanding of coordination helps in the growth of mental health. For mental health it is a must learn how to judge and determine their opposite team thoughts and character so as to predict their actions. The cricketer must learn this ability to entice or draw an opponent into making a mistake, by leading them into thinking that they are in control of the contest.

3. Social benefit : Cricket is a team sport. In it, every player must motivate the team spirit to playing in unity with each other to win the match. Children playing cricket learn coordination and other social skills while building a sense of happiness and achievement when their team success.

Today’s schools are also taking steps to promote this game in the school premises. In the school annual sports week, different schools organize inter-school and intra-school cricket competitions to encourage the young players towards this game. If you also wish to make your child’s career in cricket or want to make them active in sports, then make them join YISA, the best cricket academy in Gurgaon.

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