The wicketkeeper is the most crucial position within the fielding unit of cricket who is trapped with gloves and pads throughout the match. He acts as a cricket functionary with multiple responsibilities, who most often prevent things from happening on the ground. He/She collects the best and worst deliveries bowled by bowlers; helps in preventing leg-byes, which might result in additional runs being conceded and increasing the chase-able total runs on board. A wicketkeeper could easily save 30-50 runs an innings for his team. He needs to study the flight of each ball bowled by bowlers and sharply watch for the play and miss from the batsman. The slight edge from the blade of the bat or gloves might lead to a catch or quick stumping of a batsman who remains away from the crease. The wicket-keepers remain a key element of the team’s field plan.


A wicket-keeper had to perform multiple movement activities on the field such as lateral step, lateral shuffle, and running to the stumps. The highest skills activities were to receive the ball from the fielders, throw underarm and take the ball following the bowler's delivery. Apart from all the skills, the most important role of a wicket-keeper is to catch the ball, be it with one or both hands, either from a stationary position standing close to the batsman or following an explosive movement such as a dive or sprint.

Since the wicket-keeper performs a repetitive movement in multiple planes, training and movement assessments should take this into account. In recent years, the wicket-keeper role has become less of a specialist role with the best-keeping skills but rather being sacrificed for an extra batsman. While keepers' roles will frequently be passed to a less capable player, the value of a high-quality keeper and his/her sharp skills can never be underestimated in the cricketing world.

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